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Large Selection of Bridal Dresses

If you haven’t noticed, at Opportunity Bridal, we do things differently.

We operate a cash and carry business model, which means you do not order your dress from us, but rather you can see, feel and try on the dress and purchase it on the spot. We feel that being able to try on your desired style in your size is so important not just to ensure proper sizes to avoid excess or costly alterations, but also this process really allows you to know you chose the correct dress for YOU by being able to see your exact dress on before having to commit to a purchase.

Instead of offering a few bridal designers like traditional bridal shops and boutiques, we purchase from a much larger selection of designers which continually changes. Traditional bridal shops bring in some store samples and bring in a dress for a customer in their size as it orders. This option works well for some brides but it adds a lot of cost and time. We can avoid this by bulk purchasing and shipping, which allows us to offer tremendous savings to you. We order hundreds of dresses from a designer at a time, which gives us unique purchasing power.

Quality designers have rules surrounding minimum retail pricing, image use, brand name use, etc. As our prices are below the manufacturers’ suggested retail price and our designers want to continue to support traditional bridal shops long-term, we are restricted from using their images and brand names publicly as this would violate the minimum pricing rules their bridal shops work under. As a result, you will not see designer brands, images, or styles online on our website. For the same reason, you will not see us offering our dresses online and instead only in person at one of our sales events.

In addition to a huge selection of dresses from a continually varied inventory, our unique relationships and buying position often gives us access to limited run dresses, with only a few of these dresses in existence. Often designers produce limited runs of samples to help determine their new season’s models. They make several samples of each style often in a few different sizes. This amounts to 3-4 times the number of styles they ultimately add for their new season. We obtain these dresses and often have them available for sale before that season’s styles are even available to the general public.

Bridal Accessories

Like with our dresses, you can expect some great savings on your accessories as well. We currently offer the following categories of accessories: veils, belts, tiaras, and hair accessories. We generally do not offer shoes, earrings, or necklaces.

Large Selection of Bridal Hair Accessories

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