Frequently Asked Questions About Opportunity Bridal

We are a travelling bridal sale with beautiful designer wedding dresses. By sourcing our dresses in bulk directly from designers, wholesalers and manufacturers, we are able to offer them to you at a fraction of their retail price.
We travel to cities across Canada, setting up our pop-up store at each location for one day only. Find dates and locations near you.

At each weekend location (Saturday and Sunday) we are open from 9am-4pm, with most brides lining up at 8:30. (NOTE Weekday event hours are 3pm – 9pm (Monday – Friday).  Before doors open at 9, someone will come out to give a brief explanation of what to expect.  Dresses are arranged on racks according to size, allowing you to browse with ease. There usually a minimum of 24 change rooms to give you some privacy to try on potential dresses.  We also have a selection of veils and other accessories to complete your look.
The best part is that you get to take your dress home with you on the day of the sale!

Absolutely.  We normally have 24 large change rooms where you can try on your dress.  Where space allows we setup up to 32 change rooms and in a few smaller venues / markets, we are limited to 20.  We allow you to take up to 3 dresses with you in a change room at a time to ensure there are lots of dresses available for other brides who attend.​

These sales are great for all kinds of brides. Whether you’re on a tight budget, cannot justifying paying over $1000 for a dress to be used for a single day, looking for lots of options to try on without a sales consultant picking or limited which dresses you can try on or just looking for a unique designer dress, these sales are a great place to find the perfect look for your wedding day.

We have a huge collection of popular international and Canadian designers. Since we have constant turnover of our inventory, there is no way to provide an up-to-date list.  As part of our negotiation with the designers, we are not allowed to advertise designers to protect their brand as well as their traditional bridal boutique shops.  While some go further to actually remove the designer label from the dresses, most leave them in and just do not wish us to advertise their name publicly through website listing or email communications but they are available to see at the event in most cases.

Dresses range from $399-$1199, thousands of dollars less than typical retail prices. In retail stores, these dresses will often sell for as much as TEN TIMES our price with the normal savings about 50-60% off.  In some cases Plus Size dresses cost more than regular size mostly due to the amount of material and the amount of hand sewn embellishments required due to the size (beading etc.); however, none of our dresses including plus size exceed the $999 top price point.

No, dresses are sold on a first come, first served basis.

No, we do not have an online store nor are we setup to package and ship dresses.  We do not have a traditional brick and mortar retail outlet.  

We cater to a range of sizes, from 2-28.

The alterations are left up to you. Finding an experienced local seamstress is a great way to keep costs down.  Generally, there is not much material to let out a dress other than converting a zipper back to a corset back.  As a general rule, purchase the size you need (or think you’ll need), but when in doubt purchase a little larger.  

Each sale will have a selection of over 600 dresses for you to choose from.  This is often determined by market size as well as space in at the venue.

We accept cash, Debit / Interac, Visa and MasterCard.

We offer free plastic bags, or garment bags for $25.

All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.

Weekday events – (Monday – Friday) – 3pm-9pm (last admittance is 8pm)
Weekend events – (Saturday & Sunday) – 9am – 4pm (last admittance is 2:30pm)

No we do not do appointments.  Our shows are free to attend and admission is on a first come first serve basis.  We limit the number of brides based on the size of the room.  We normally have 24 change rooms and would allow max 30 brides so some brides can already look for their dress and try on as a change room becomes available.  In a few markets with small venues we have just 20 change rooms while at other venues we more often are able to setup up to 32 to keep the experience comfortable for everyone while avoiding long lines ups for extended periods.