Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Stop searching for “plus size wedding dresses near me” and come see the hundreds of amazing choices at Opportunity Bridal! Our selection of designer bridal dresses, at discounted prices, will give you the chance to become the belle of the ball on your very special day!

From A-line gowns to figure-flattering silhouettes, our pop-up wedding sale events offers plus size wedding dresses for plus size women up to size 28 in an array of styles and designs. Whether it’s satin, chiffon, or lace that you dream of wearing down the aisle, we have a vast inventory as well as limited-run dresses!

Affordable Plus Size Wedding Dress Sale

Our unique selling abilities allow us to pass the savings on to you! All of our wedding dresses for plus size women are between 50% to 80% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSPR). By seeing, choosing, and trying on your affordable wedding dress, in your size, there is less chance of requiring costly alterations.

Opportunity Bridal’s Plus Size Pop-Up Wedding Dress Sale Specialties

At Opportunity Bridal, our selection of plus size wedding dresses is second to none. In addition to purchasing the dresses in bulk, we have sample styles created in a limited-run series. The designer will produce these as a trial run before their next season.

Designer/Fashionable Wedding Gowns

The designers and suppliers that Opportunity Bridal supports offer traditional and modern inspirations. Due to policies on image and brand name use, from the designers themselves, we can only offer the collections in-person, as opposed to on our website.  

Various Sizes

Opportunity Bridal wants to make your wedding day as beautiful as the bride feels. Our array of bridal dresses is carefully chosen to please any plus size bride. We have taken the guesswork out of envisioning what the dress will be like by providing onsite dressing rooms, complete with knowledgeable staff for a helping hand.


While agreements prevent us from advertising the wedding dress suppliers and brands, be assured each and every bridal dress is one of high-quality and craftsmanship. This is another advantage of being able to see, feel, and try on the dress at our bridal shop sale site.


Opportunity Bridal allows for every bride to have a choice in selecting their dream dress! The dresses at our shop can be tried on and bought the same day. Our inventory includes hundreds of bridal gowns from different designers in sizes for every beautiful shape and size.

Best Prices/Discounts

Opportunity Bridal offers high-quality designer dresses at more than half the cost of traditional brick-and-mortar shops. Our ability to offer up to 80% off the suggested retail price means you only need to pay anywhere from $399 to $1199 to make your dream a reality!

Off-the-Rack Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Opportunity Bridal is the first stop on your wedding to-do list. Let us help you find the perfect cheap plus size wedding dress for that magical day! See when our travel pop-up wedding dress sale will be in your neighbourhood here or contact with any questions. We accept payment in Cash, Interac Debit, Mastercard, and Visa.

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