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The Rise of Black Wedding Dresses: Embrace the Elegance and Modern Chic

Black wedding dresses are becoming a common sight at weddings, both in churches and at outdoor ceremonies. Donning a black gown can provide the bride an opportunity to not only break free from tradition but to express their own uniqueness.                                                    

First and foremost, black isn’t just for mourning. It’s the colour of elegance and sophistication. After all, ask any woman and they’ll likely tell you that they own at least one little black dress (LBD). So why not carry that sentiment to your wedding day and choose a black wedding dress that reflects your individuality?

Breaking from Tradition

Did you know black was once the more common colour choice for wedding gowns in the Victorian era? It wasn’t until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress in 1840 that white became the colour trend in wedding ceremonies.

In 17th century Spain, brides wore black wedding dresses as a symbol of their lifelong commitment to their grooms. It brough a whole new meaning to “until death do us part”.

For 2024 weddings, the break from traditional white coloured dresses is expected to gain momentum with the presence of more black wedding dresses. Over the past several years, many celebrities have opted for using the colour black as the main colour of their bridal gowns and have no apologies for it!

Girls actress Zosia Mamet chose a black Givenchy design complete with a plunging neckline and high thigh slit. Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker, Selling Sunset celebrity Christine Quinn, and Coco Shop CEO Taylor Simmons also all walked down the aisle in stunning black dresses.  

The Symbolism and Meaning Behind Black

The colour black has long been associated with darkness, dreary, and mourning occasions. This colour represents nighttime, despair, and evil. In comparison to the colour white, which symbolizes purity, black is used to depict “wrong” while white portrays “right”.

There’s a reason why the little black dress is a staple in every woman’s closet. Black symbolizes mystery, elegance, and sophistication in the clothing world without needing help from other colours.

Black bridal dresses give the modern bride the power, self-confidence, and ability to express her own personality without having to surrender to the traditional white wedding gown.

Design and Aesthetic Advantages of Black Wedding Dresses

Place gold, silver, or coloured accessories against a black dress and voila! Like magic, the regular colour of black becomes a sensational masterpiece! With a black wedding dress, using various patterns, styles, and designs to accentuate the hue can elevate the entire wedding theme.

It is important to note that not all black wedding dresses are the same. In fact, the shade of the black colour can be used to complement not only the bride’s skin tone but also any accessory worn by the bride.

Jet black is the darkest shade of black as it offers no colour undertone. The next level is known as charcoal back which is a dark grayish black with a cooler and lighter tone than jet black. Ebony offers a luxurious rich black with a brown undertone while coal black gives a dark matte colouring with its brown undertones.

The popular onyx black colour has a deep glossy black shade with just a small touch of a green or blue undertone while midnight black’s blue undertones give it a dark velvety black colouring.

Combining Black with Other Colours

As we know, a black dress makes a statement on its own. Through embellishments of beads, lace, or jewels, a regular black bridal gown can be altered to accommodate any wedding theme.

Now imagine if you combine the power of a black wedding dress with another colour! Most colours, including white, will help tie in the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. With black as the underlying material, or having black lace as a cover, a bride can create a stunning look to her wedding dress.

Combining black with the popular dusty pink wedding colour can offer a more romantic vibe to the ceremony. Dark teal also works well with black to add a dash of colour to a more traditional formal wedding.

For brides who prefer a darker colour palette for fall and winter weddings, the black dress with a touch of burgundy create a classic timepiece. For an elegant and unique colour scheme, black paired with copper also gives a perfect option for late-in-the-year weddings.

Consider adding purple and champagne colours to a black wedding dress to heighted the sophistication. This luxurious combination is a nod to past decades of glamour and refinement.

Tips for Styling a Black Wedding Dress

All bridal gowns need the perfect accessories, shoes, and touch of glamour to enhance the overall theme of the day! With black wedding dresses, adding a pop of colour with your favourite pair of heels, jewellery, and makeup can take the sophistication to new heights.

Black is a great canvas if you want to add sparkle and glam. In addition to choosing colourful shoes and accessories, why not choose a vibrant coloured bridal bouquet too? Consider using blues, gold, and deep purples or reds for your flowers and for your makeup.

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