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Romantic Wedding Dress Ideas for Brides

Every bride deserves to feel extra special on her wedding day! If you’re looking for a dreamy, romantic bridal gown, you have endless options to choose from! Whether you want a fairytale wedding day, a glamourous affair or a romantic whirlwind, the dress you choose should match your theme! Here are some great wedding dress ideas for the romantic bride.

Bell and Balloon Puff Sleeves

For a romantic-style wedding dress with flare, consider a dress with bell or balloon puff sleeves. This popular 80s style has made a comeback, BIG time. Reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown and other popular storybook princesses, this look screams romance!

Ballet Gowns

With layers on top of layers of tulle, the fairytale transformation has begun! Designers have taken the soft silhouette and neutral colours of balletcore to create stunning ruffles with the most inviting textures.

Floral Bridal Dresses

Floral dresses are not only for spring weddings. The detailed flowers can set the tone for a romantic wedding. Classic lines combined with soft colours provide a hint of lavishness with a classic, feminine feel. Choose floral embroideries or lace to enhance the romantic ambiance.


Imitation is the best form of flattery, so why not draw inspiration from the ancient Greeks for your romantic wedding gown. The latest wedding dress trends include more pleated or draped fabrics to add a touch of grace and beauty. Think Greek Goddess meets Disney Princess with this modern interpretation of a toga.

Sexy Deep V-Neckline

Romance has never been more admired than with the classic lines of a deep V-neck bridal gown. The plunging neckline provides a slimming effect as the eyes are drawn to the collarbone, shoulders, and arms. This lovely style can be found in lace, mermaid, and ball gown styles.

Enticing Backless Dresses

If the plunging neckline is not modest enough, romantic bridal dresses can be presented with backless designs and styles. A dreamy design can be achieved with any sort of opening along the back whether it be a keyhole, a low back, or a creatively shaped cutout.

Sweetheart Neckline

One of the most popular styles for dreamy, romantic wedding dresses is the classic sweetheart neckline. With a unique design of a heart shaping the bodice, the eyes are drawn to the collarbone, which creates an elongated illusion of the entire bridal gown. This style eludes elegance as an A-line or a ball gown topped with chiffon, tulle, or stain.

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