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Latest Wedding Dress Bustle Styles for Brides

Wedding dress bustle styles have come a long way since they first appeared in the mid-1870s. Once worn to ensure the backside of a dress would not trail behind, the bustle is used to add fullness, a touch of elegance, and to help the movement of a wedding dress.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular wedding dress bustle styles available for the modern bride.

American Bustle

With the American bustle, the outer portion of the dress train is gathered and secured at the back waistline. The fasteners are sewn onto the gown waistline to form flowing pleats from the waist down to the bottom of the skirting. The American bustle is easily attached to one or more pickup positions, depending on the style of the dress.

Victorian Bustle

One of the most popular bustles sought when wedding dress shopping is the Victorian bustle. This conventional style highlights a ruching effect as the material is fastened together at particular sections at the back, down the centre of the skirt. Most brides opt to feature the traditional design of using bows or ribbons to hide the fasteners from sight.

Train Flip Bustle

A train flip is a wedding dress bustle style to create a floor-length gown appearance. To achieve the train flip, the material is placed under the skirting and pinned or sewn into itself. This allows a gliding movement of the full bottom skirt. It can be used on any wedding dress silhouette.

Bow Bustle

For a more traditional effect, a bow bustle is used to gather the material at one point, hidden by a large bow. The back of the gown is given a symmetrically layered appearance as it is secured outside of the gown. In addition to making a “wow” statement, this type of bustle permits the ease of movement.

French Bustle

Depending on the style of the wedding dress, some brides chose the French bustle design to enhance the stunning look of a gown. Similar to the Victorian bustle, the French bustle offers the option of folding the excess material under the gown. The hooks or fasteners are strategically placed to create a two-layer hem design.

Austrian Bustle

Austrian wedding gown bustles are designed to mimic the ruching of the Austrian theatre curtains. Carefully crafted with a drawstring-style method, the material of the back of the gown is gathered together in one or more places. The fabric is bunched together to provide a cascading effect of flamboyance.

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