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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress for a Second Marriage

Love and marriage know no bounds, and neither should a wedding dress for a second marriage!

A second wedding might conjure up age-old restrictions in design, style, and colour of the wedding dress. However, before listening to old wives’ tales, consider our tips for choosing a wedding dress for a second marriage.

Pick from Popular Bridal Styles for Second Weddings

Whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or 60s, your wedding dress should express your unique personality. It should also highlight your best features, whether that’s your waist, legs, or back.

The top bridal styles to consider are classic, boho (bohemian), modern, romantic, non-traditional, and glamourous. The designs are offered in various sizes and colours. As a second-time bride, you’re not as limited by tradition, so use that to your advantage when choosing the style.

Don’t Limit Your Colour Choices

In the past, mature wedding dresses for a second marriage have only been available in cream or beige. Today, a bridal dress for the more mature woman can be red, pink, lavender, ivory, or even white.

Yes, you read that right! White is no longer reserved for first weddings. In the last century, white has taken on the symbolization of joy rather than of purity.

Be Bold with Your Silhouette

Shopping for dresses for a second wedding may be as exciting as the first time, with even more choices in today’s market than in the past. One choice the bride faces is whether to showcase her physical assets or elegantly cover up.

A second wedding comes at a time when people are more emotionally and financially settled. This is the perfect chance to express your inner wild child in a form-fitting trumpet number, have a fairy-tale wedding in a ball gown silhouette, or go sophisticated in a column-style dress with clean lines.

Sport a Veil—or Not—for Your Second Wedding

When choosing accessories, many wedding experts recommend that second-time-around brides forego the traditional wearing of a veil. It is suggested to wear an ornamental hair piece or hat instead.

Again, this is ultimately the bride’s choice! Even if you’re venturing into a second marriage, you can still choose to wear a veil. A veil can be worn as a blusher or it can flow down the back of a bride’s shoulders.

Choose the Right Accessories for Your Day

When it comes to bridal gowns for a second wedding, the options of accessories are endless.

You don’t need to rein in your desire for a train just because it’s not your first time down the aisle! Just remember; when choosing a wedding dress train, it should complement the overall style of the dress.

Thoughts of the “traditional” wedding look with a bridal garter may result in guests rolling their eyes. But if the bride-to-be wants to keep things traditional, let those eyes roll across the dance floor! The best part about being a mature bride is knowing what you want—and if that’s a garter, then go for it. Choose a garter that reflects your personality, whether it’s simple lace, floral embroidery, or sparkly rhinestones.

Go Casual

Talk of wedding dresses usually conjures up visions of delicate lace or oversized puff sleeves adorning a princess-style dress. But for brides who desire a more conservative style, second weddings are the right time to go with what makes you happy.

Wedding dresses are available in minimalist designs in a rainbow of colour options. Other acceptable designs include an elegant jumpsuit or a two-piece pantsuit. If you’re going casual, make sure it’s well-made and still has details that make you feel special.

Where to Shop for Second Wedding Dresses?

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