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How to Choose a Wedding Dress Colour That Suits Your Skin Tone?

With all of the stunning wedding dress colours available today, narrowing the choices can be overwhelming. Whether the dress of your dreams is vintage or the latest style from a top international designer, you can choose from shades of whites, creams, champagne, blush, or vibrant colours of pinks or reds.

Not sure which colour suits you? Here’s how to determine which hue complements your skin tone the best.

What Is a Skin Undertone and How Can You Identify It?

Skin tone refers to the colour of your complexion or skin pigmentation and is often the result of genetics or exposure to the sun. Skin tone can range from person to person, but they tend to fall somewhere on the spectrum between these four tones: dark, olive, medium, and fair.

Skin undertone, on the other hand, refers to the colour beneath your skin that affects your overall skin tone. Typically, undertones fall under three categories: warm, cool, and neutral.

Warm undertones will cause your skin to have a yellowish tone and can be described as golden or peachy. Cool undertones have a more bluish or pink tone, which might give your complexion a rosier appearance. Neutral undertones are a mixture of both warm and cool undertones.

Determining your skin tone is pretty easy but narrowing down your undertone can be a bit tricker. Try standing in natural light and looking at the colour of the veins on your inner arm, between your wrist and your elbow.

Blue or purple veins denote a cool skin undertone. If the veins appear green, you have a warm skin undertone. Some people may have dark or brown-colour veins, which means you have a more neutral undertone.

Tips for Choosing a Bridal Dress and Accessories Based on Your Skin Undertone

It’s worth noting that the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a bridal gown for your wedding. If you want a white dress, go for it! If blush is your dream dress, buy it! But if you’re curious to know which hues will match your skin tone best, we’ve compiled several tips to help you choose a dress that matches your skin.

Cool Undertones

A wedding gown should complement one’s skin tone by providing an aura of radiance and warmth. Brides with cool undertones can achieve this by wearing a creamy hue such as ivory, peach, off-white, blush, grey, champagne, and nude.

If you have a cool undertone, opt for bridal accessories and jewellery with silver, white gold, or platinum. An authentic set of pearls or blue and purple gemstones can also be a great choice.

Warm Undertones

Brides with warm undertones may want to choose a dress with cooler colours such as pinks, purples, blues, and vibrant white shades. A fun alternative is using hues of smoky shades, such as grey or dusty pink, to harmonize the skin undertone.

Choose from accessories that will express your style while complementing the skin undertone. Look for rose gold, copper, and gold metals with colours of turquoise, orange, and brown. Pure gems of coral, garnet, and ruby will do wonders.

Neutral Undertones

When looking for wedding dress colours for neutral undertones, the world is your oyster, to a point. Few shades that can undermine this skin tone as nearly every colour will balance well. Those with a neutral undertone can opt for cool shades like crisp white and grey or choose warmer hues like nude or ivory. A hint of blush or champagne can add just the right colouring.

When it comes to accessories, particularly jewellery, the door is open to all metals ranging from white to yellow. This endless option extends to the use of various gemstones as well.

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