Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

A Bride’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

You’ve said “yes” to the proposal and now it’s time to think about your special day. Before you start your search for the perfect wedding dress for sale, take stock of what you envision for the special day. For many brides, they have been planning for this day since they were young. For others, getting engaged means they have to start thinking about wedding planning for the first time. Whether you’ve been dreaming about the perfect bridal gown or not, there are still numerous factors to consider.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Gown for Your Wedding

The first step is to do your research! Whether it is a custom-made wedding dress or an off-the-rack wedding gown, what you may think you want, may actually not be the end result! A fairy-tale ball gown or a sexy low-cut mermaid dress? They may seem on opposite sides of the spectrum but there are a lot of options in-between.

Planning on shopping online for your dress or do you plan on visiting several bridal boutiques? Let’s look at some wedding dress shopping tips to help you narrow down your search.

Consider the Wedding Season

If you have been planning your wedding for a while, then perhaps you have already set a season for the ceremony. Before buying a wedding dress, the time of year is a huge factor as there are various styles and fabrics to choose from for each season. For example, velvet is best for the colder months while linen is perfect for a summer wedding.

Think about the Wedding Venue

Aside from the season, the wedding venue is key when it comes to considering what type of dress you may want to have. Within the walls of a religious building, one may want to err on the side of caution and refrain from a wedding dress that leaves little to the imagination where an outdoor wedding on a beach may call for a slinky, light dress.

Don’t Give Up on Comfort

Whatever avenue you choose on the style of your dress, you do not have to give up comfort, at least not completely. If you are comfortable with tight clothing, then be sure to try on a mermaid-style dress. Hate constricting clothing? An A-line or full gown dress may be more appropriate. Remember it’s your day and you want to feel special, not self-conscious, or uncomfortable because of the style and fabric.

Try Everything and Be Open

By all means, take a picture of your dream dress with you, and try on the one closest to what you have in mind. Perhaps it will be exactly what you are looking for. But what if it doesn’t live up to your standards? You may have to open your mind to trying many different styles, and there is nothing wrong with that. Most brides think they know what they want until they see something better. It’s your prerogative!

Create a Wedding Dress Budget

Creating a wedding budget perhaps should be number one on the list of a bride’s guide to wedding dress shopping. A budget may be the determining factor for some brides as to whether they get the wedding dress of their dreams, but it doesn’t have to be. Maybe a gown with a six-foot train dripping in real diamonds may not be possible…but what about one adorned with inexpensive cubic zirconia attachments? There are ways to get around selling your soul for a wedding dress.

Think about Your Wedding Style

Wedding style refers to the overall theme of the wedding. Depending on the chosen location, your theme may be a garden style or could have a romantic flair. The wedding dress can reflect your theme based on your choosing. Popular styles, or themes, for this year include modern, rustic, garden, and nautical weddings.

Choose Bridal Accessories

Once you have chosen the dress, or even if you are still trying to decide between two or three choices, the accessories are the next step. From the shoes to a glamourous belt to the earrings, bridal accessories can make, or break, the look. Do you want a veil or headpiece? Be sure to try everything on with the dress to ensure it adds a special touch and doesn’t draw attention away from the dress.

Don’t Forget about Alterations

Alterations are a huge component of wedding dress shopping! Very few women have found the perfect fit of a dress without having to take it in, out, up, or down (by adding material). Many bridal boutiques offer the service, as do professional seamstresses. Most brides need at least three fitting appointments before the big day.

Consider the Wedding Dress Fabrics

A wedding day can last several hours, especially if the bride has decided to only wear one dress throughout the ceremony, reception, and after-party. The fabric ties in with the season, the venue, the style, and the theme of the wedding. Summer weddings call for lightweight material such as batiste, charmeuse, chiffon, and organza. Cooler months may be best suited for fabrics such as brocade, silk, and polyester.

Know When and Where to Shop

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