Wedding Dress Shopping

Effective Solutions to Common Wedding Dress Shopping Problems

Wedding dress shopping is a long-awaited day for many brides. They may want to include their best friends, family, and future in-laws to share in the experience. But what happens if things don’t go exactly as expected? The excitement can soon be overshadowed by anxiety, disappointment, and other wedding dress shopping challenges.

Below we list six common encounters a bride may face and how to manage the outcome to save the day. Every moment of this special day should be as spectacular as the bride will be on the wedding day!

Unable to Find the Dress They Like

Whether you have a picture of your dream dress in mind, or see the perfect one in a magazine, not being able to find the dress is a reality for most brides. Many gowns offer “must-haves” such as the sweetheart neckline, delicate beading, or ruffles with few offering everything you are looking for. It can be difficult for a brides to accept that the perfect dress may not exist in reality.

Not Getting the Right Dress Size

When wedding dress shopping, keep the fact that bridal sizes are completely different than the sizes of regular day clothes. Brides may find a dress they love…but realize soon after that it’s not in their size.

Wedding dress boutiques often supply a select number of the same style dress in the same size. Most times this is to prevent brides from having the same dress but usually it’s so the shop can have more of a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

Going Over Budget

One of the biggest mistakes a bride can make while shopping is neglecting their budget. With dresses ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the shop, brides have to be careful not to go over budget.

With all of the stunning gowns available, it is easy to throw caution to the wind and focus on the beauty, not the price tag. In addition, finding a dress within the budget may require alterations which will drive up the total cost of the dress.

Not Getting to Try on and Explore

Online wedding boutiques have exploded in recent years, with many offering gowns at discount prices and free shipping. While this may be helpful in the budget area, it can cause disappointment once the bridal gown arrives.

Whether the dress purchase is online, or from a local boutique, many brides make the decision without trying on the dress first. Wedding gowns can fit like a glove or a potato sack. It is important for a wedding dress to be tried on before purchasing. Furthermore, by trying on a dream dress, a bride may soon realize it is not for her!

Struggling to Get an Appointment

Professional wedding experts recommend shopping for a wedding dress early to avoid disappointment, such as not finding the right one. Another reason to begin the dress hunt early is to avoid not being able to get an appointment with a bridal shop consultant.

Many brides book appointments at least eight months in advance, so getting in a shop may need to be done at a much later date than expected. This can be heartbreaking and worrisome for brides who either procrastinate or want to get married right away.

Shopping for Matching Bridal Accessories

When shopping for a dream wedding dress, some brides also buy bridal dress accessories, even before the dress is purchased. This can be a huge mistake, especially if the style of dress they plan on getting doesn’t end up being the style chosen.

Purchasing diamond-trimmed necklaces, tiaras, or veils may be too presumptuous if the perfect dress turns out to be embroidered with sequins or diamonds. Large extravagant accessories can overpower the beauty of the wedding gown or the colours may not match.

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