Wedding Dress Shopping

How Brides Can Save Money when Wedding Dress Shopping?

All a bride wants for her wedding day is to have the love of her life beside her, and the most stunning bridal gown! When wedding dress shopping, one of the biggest considerations brides have is the price tag. Regardless of your wedding dress budget, there are ways to save money. More money saved means more money for other wedding factors, including the honeymoon!

Stick to Your Budget

This may be easier said than done, but it is important to stick to your budget when shopping for a wedding dress. One tip is to avoid trying on every dress you like, especially in specialized bridal boutiques where the price tag exceeds your budget.

Discuss your budget with your bridal consultant to avoid disappointing big price tags! Relay the message again and again if need be. Take it one step further and ask if the price is final before trying on the dress.

Shop During Off-Season

As most brides begin planning their wedding months, before the special day, shop for your dress off-season. Summer is a popular time for weddings so shopping for a dress may uncover reduced prices during the later part of the year. November and December are slow times for many shops, so prices are often slashed.

Shops actually offer better prices on last year’s selection during the month of January. This is the time bridal boutiques receive the latest fashions for summer and fall weddings, enabling big markdowns on remaining stock.

Buying a Floor Sample

Unless you are determined to have a brand new, never-tried-on dress, look for floor samples at the bridal shop you visit. These samples are usually used for brides to try on before ordering the same dress new. The floor samples can also be discontinued ones and are in new condition. Some of these dresses simply need a few alterations and a dry cleaning to be perfect!

Choose a Simple Dress and Fabric

When it comes to wedding dresses, the more bling, and hand-sewn accessories, the more expensive the dress. Consider a more simplistic design and style of dress to save money. You can “dress” it up with your own personalized accessories.

Are you planning on wearing a piece of jewellery that has become a family heirloom? Or perhaps your fiancé has gifted a set of earrings or necklace you are yearning to wear on your wedding day. These items may not suit an overly embellished wedding dress, but they will be perfect with a simple classic dress.

Avoid Custom Alterations

Unless you have a fairy godmother, your wedding dress is most likely going to require alterations before the big day. If you have chosen an expensive designer gown, any alterations could cost more than a quarter of the cost of the dress, and that’s for each change being done.

This is when shopping for a simpler design and style for a wedding dress can also be a benefit.

Attend Trunk Shows

Many high-end bridal boutiques offer trunk shows. These events highlight dresses under one designer’s line with either the designer themselves or a representative of their line in attendance.

The dresses on display may not be offered at a discount but many brides are offered a discount upon ordering that same day. Special alterations such as extending the train or sleeves or adding embellishments may be offered at no extra charge.

Buy from Off-the-Rack Sales

The best way to save money when shopping for a dress is to consider off-the-rack bridal wedding dress sales. These dresses are aisle-ready. You may require a few alterations from a private seamstress, but you have the ability to check for irregularities on the spot before buying.

While having various wedding dresses to choose from, you will also have great savings with off-the-rack dresses.

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