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Tips for Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping for Brides

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most expensive and fun wedding planning to-dos on the list for future brides. But before you begin your search for “plus size wedding dresses near me,” be aware of the pitfalls some brides fall into when shopping. With our wedding dress shopping tips, you are guaranteed to have an extraordinary time as you shop for plus size bridal dresses!

Be Willing to Try on a Variety of Styles

Before you step out for wedding dress shopping, remember to keep an open mind and be willing to try on numerous styles and designs. What you picture in your head as your desired dress may actually be a big no-no. As with most clothing, a bridal gown can fit and look completely different once it’s on you than when it is hanging in a boutique window.

With all of the plus size wedding dress options today, the style you may be avoiding could actually be the perfect dress! Not to mention, it’s your day to have fun, so why not try on several design dresses.

Wear Your Desired Undergarments When Shopping

As the shopping trip itself is for a special occasion, be sure to wear the undergarments you plan on wearing that day, or something in a similar style. The last thing you want is to step into a glamourous gown with undergarments that have seen better days, or worse, do not fit properly. It also may help to bring along a strapless bra, even if you have no initial plans to try a strapless gown on.

Bring Supportive People to Help You Shop

Regardless of who you have asked to be in your bridal party, be sure to bring along your most trusted and supportive crew when shopping for a wedding dress. You may want honesty, but you need to have people around you who will encourage you to choose the dress you like.

Focus on the Look and Fit, Not the Size of the Dress

When it comes to shopping for clothes, you probably have already accepted the fact that size really doesn’t matter. While some designers label their pieces in accordance with traditional fashion rules, in today’s world, small or big size bridal gowns are not the norm.

Choose the dress that you desire. The way you feel in the wedding dress and how it contours your body should be the only aspects to be concerned with.

Put Your Comfort First

Be sure the dress is comfortable from the way it fits to how you feel in it. A wedding day can be a long day to wear the same undergarments, dress, and accessories. When trying on a dress you love, be sure to move around the room in it to ensure you will be comfortable sitting and standing as well as dancing!

Don’t Settle for a Dress You Don’t Love

After trying on countless gowns, keep looking if you do not find one you can’t live without. Don’t settle for any wedding dress just because you feel the need or pressure of buying one that particular day. If you have your heart set on a certain style or by a famous designer, don’t end your search as it’s out there somewhere!

Look for Bridal Shops That Specialize in Plus Sizes

If you are anxious in searching for a plus size wedding dress, do your research and find bridal shops that specialize or advertise your size. This will make the day easier to manage and may help you to find what you are looking for. And it also helps to feel comfortable dealing with salespeople who appreciate all sizes.

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