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How to Find the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape?

When thinking about your dream wedding dress, what is the first thing that pops to mind? The style? The colour? Perhaps you are more concerned about finding an affordable wedding dress.

If you’re apprehensive about wedding dress shopping because of your own perspective of your body shape, remember that there are dresses for every shape and size.

When it comes to your dream dress, knowing what style accentuates your figure can make visiting a pop-up wedding dress sale smooth, easy, and an exciting phase in the wedding planning time.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Different Body Types

Before you start shopping for your dream dress, it’s important to know what type of body shape you have. Different styles of dresses can complement your figure, while others can overshadow the bride’s figure. If you’re not sure what type of dress will suit your body shape, here are some tips.

Wedding Dresses for an Hourglass Figure

With an hourglass figure, most brides are eager to accentuate their small waist and it can easily be done with a number of styles. To balance the curvy silhouette of a larger hip and bust area, a mermaid-style or a corset dress with a plunging or sweetheart neckline can help. If mermaid is too uncomfortable, try a trumpet-style to have more movement with the same silhouette style.

Wedding Dresses for Petite Bodies

Petite women need to focus on finding a wedding dress that helps to elongate the body, especially from the waist down. Soft fabrics with an A-line frame can help flatter curves without creating a short bottom half.

Wedding Dresses for Pear-Shaped Body Types

With pear-shaped bodies, brides need to choose a dress that accentuate the body without expanding the hip area. Sleek, ball gowns, and A-line dresses balance the entire body without being overbearing. Embellishments or other details within the bodice can take the eyes off the hips and focus on the complete frame.

Wedding Dresses for Tall and Slender Brides

While many brides may long for a more slender or tall figure, women with these figures must also be careful of the style of dress. An airy or light-material can use one’s height to give the illusion of walking on air. Slinky, elegant, and sleek wedding dresses work best as the style outlines the contour of the body, giving a curvy illusion.

Wedding Dresses for Athletic Body Types

Talented wedding dress designers know everyone deserves a dreamy day and offers athletic brides slimming A-lines, fit-and-flare, and halter bodices. Look for dresses that draw attention such as tiered skirts, beading, embellishments, and distinctive necklines.

Wedding Dresses for Full-Chested Women

Brides with large breasts have a world of options such as drawing attention to the whole body with an A-line style or ball gown. Many brides may think they need to stay away from strapless dresses, but a one-shoulder option can give a similar look without concern of a wardrobe malfunction during the ceremony.

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