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Impressive Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Planning a minimalist wedding entails all the regular details of a larger wedding but with a touch of intimacy and a “less is more” theme. Think uptown chic meets country! From the wedding gown to the reception hall, combining natural colour palettes with clean lines offers a day of warmth and love.

Here are some tips to help you plan a minimalist wedding.

Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations can be the icing on the cake, so to speak! Choose a colour theme of your liking and create the day around it. Minimalist weddings may bring beige and browns to mind but combined with splashes of colours and various textures, a classy and stylish day can be showcased.

Wedding Invitations

Once you have decided on the décor, tie it into the wedding invitations. Crisp, clean stationary with cremes, or a dot of colour splashed just so, can have a huge statement! Add touches such as greenery, or perhaps a special quote that holds meaning for both you and your partner.

Don’t forget about the font! Minimalist does not mean you have to use regular type or small print. Cursive, calligraphy, or a romantic font can call attention to your invite without being overpowering.

Make It an Exclusive Wedding

With today’s times, many couples choose to keep the wedding guest list small and intimate with close family and friends. Whether your decision on the number of guests is because of current health regulations or your desire to keep it small, making it an exclusive wedding should reflect your vision, not others.

Plan a Weekday Wedding

Weekday weddings are uncommon but offer more selection for caterers, florists, and venue bookings. Choose a weekday for the best availabilities and costs. Aside from the attractive lower pricing, couples are able to spend more time with guests that are able to attend.

Social Media Ban

An intimate and minimalist wedding should be just that, a day for the bride and groom. In this day of “getting that pic for the ’gram”, couples often impose a social media ban. Just a tip: it is an unspoken courtesy to wait until the couple releases the first picture before posting on social media platforms.

Simple and Elegant Wedding Dress

A minimalist wedding may reflect a modest dress but simple can still be elegant! Regardless of your budget, there’s no reason why you can’t have your dream dress. Have your (wedding) cake and eat it to! If you want sophisticated and sleek, or a bit of glitter, the dress and accessories can work wonders!

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