Winter wedding

Winter Wedding Ideas to Make It Memorable

If walking in a winter wonderland is your ideal setting for your dream wedding, we have good news! A winter wedding can be everything you have ever wished for and more. In fact, the snowy landscape combined with an elegant theme, and your perfect winter wedding dress, can be created with just a bit of imagination and a lot of planning.

Tips to Make Your Winter Wedding Special

Planning for a wedding can be stressful to say the least but a winter wedding can create a whole new set of problems. Winter weather in many places takes includes snow, ice, heavy winds, and harsh rainstorms.

Knowing what to expect and how to plan a special winter wedding will help make your day special. Continue reading for tips to know what to put on your to-do list, and what red flags to watch for.

Wedding Venue

Location, location, location is the motto when planning a wedding at anytime but especially in the winter months. Instead of having separate venues for the wedding, pictures, and reception, it may be more pertinent to hold everything under one roof. Choices for a winter wonderland are endless! A romantic ski lodge resort, ice hotel, botanical garden site, or a castle can offer a picturesque backdrop.

Wedding Decorations

Winter wedding decorations pop against a snowy background. If you are having a December wedding, a Christmas theme is very popular. The colours of red and green glow brightly with white snow, ivory tabletops, and warm glowing lights. Just ensure the atmosphere doesn’t resemble that of a regular Christmas party. Perhaps choose a winter wonderland with twinkling white lights, lush green garland, pine boughs, and white candles. Don’t forget an ice sculpture for the reception.

Flower Arrangements

Beautiful and unique floral arrangements are available year-round. Winter speaks of silver balls of brunia berries, pinecones, and manzanita branches to add a rustic feel to the room. Long bare branches bundled with twinkle lights in clear vases can sparkle in any corner.

For your Christmas theme, use holly, pine tree foliage, and poinsettias. Throughout the reception area, hang bunches of mistletoe to add to the romantic flare.

Wedding Dress and Accessories

Whether your dream wedding dress calls for a flowing ballgown or a chic modern look, wintertime can offer options to suit your fantasy! For winter wedding dress ideas, long gowns with lace, tulle, or organza can resemble a princess dress. Add sequins, beading, or embroidery for a magical and classic look.

With cold temperatures, gowns can hide a pair of thick tights if the day becomes frigid. For sleeveless and shorter bridal dresses, adding bridal accessories such as a white faux-fur bridal shawl can contain any chill.

Winter Wedding Menu

What do most guests remember about the wedding (besides the look of the bride, of course)? The food! Winter wedding menus call for comfort foods with warmth such as creamy soups and hot cocoa. Dishes of roast beef could include seasonal staples such as cranberries or turnips. For a reception with alcohol, mulled wine will help keep guests toasty and warm!

Wedding Favours

The day’s loving atmosphere shouldn’t end with the strike of the clock. Send your guests home with a sentimental wedding favour. Winter themes offer frosted glasses, an ornament, or saplings to be planted in honour of the day.

Winter Wedding Cake

Three-tiered or cupcakes, a wedding cake should represent both the bride and the groom! Popular flavours in the winter months include red velvet, rich chocolate, and peppermint. Keep your theme flowing by using silver or gold fondant.

Mistakes Made while Planning a Winter Wedding

Creating a magical winter wedding is possible simply by avoiding several mistakes. With the pitfalls winter can bring, it is imperative to have the best laid out plan imaginable.

Picking the Wrong Wedding Date

While you should have the wedding date you want, it is best to ensure the date is kosher for everyone involved. Close family and friends make sacrifices to support the bride and groom; however, if the wedding is close to Christmas or New Year’s, the guest list might be shorter than planned. Not to mention the availability of wedding vendors such as the officiant, caterers, and the photographer.

Booking the Wrong Venue

As mentioned, the venue is key, especially during the winter months. If the venue cannot offer the capacity to hold all events, a number of winter woes could put a damper on the day. From road conditions and holiday traffic to dead car batteries, a contingency plan is required.

Not Checking the Weather Forecast

If the venue is at a place that sees torrential downpours or raging blizzards, be sure to watch the forecast leading up to the day. As the weather can turn on a dime, it is best to have several different plans of action in case of a sudden storm.

Going Over Budget

Once upon a time, couples chose winter weddings as it was the downtime for venues, caterers, flights, and hotel bookings. This meant cheaper prices. Alas, today, this is no longer the way. Popular winter resorts and flights have increased prices tenfold recently. Research all aspects of the costs or risk going over budget.

Not Considering Wedding Guests’ Comfort

Now that the wedding party and the wedding venue have been secured, keep in mind the comfort of your guests. A winter wedding in parts of the world where temperatures plummet and snow and ice are common requires guests to be dressed in layers. Keep guests informed of the forecast and expected attire in the days leading up to the wedding.

Planning an Outdoor Wedding

If you still have your heart set on an outdoor wedding ceremony, be sure to have a plan B. Snowstorms, heavy winds, and rain could put a stop to your entire day if you are not prepared.

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