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Tips for Choosing a Winter Wedding Dress

Choosing a winter wedding dress should be a fun time with close friends or family. Trying to balance your desire for THE dress and worrying about what should be worn in the winter months can be stressful. Rest assured: you do not need to compromise style for comfort when it comes to your fantasy wedding dress.

Don’t let the chilly temperatures take away from choosing your style. Designer choices today take into consideration a variety of weather conditions to ensure you are toasty and warm on your special day. Continue reading to learn tips for winter wedding dress selection.

Choose Heavier Fabric with Layers

Wedding dresses are available in many designs and fabrics, such as brocade, pique, velvet, or silk Mikado. These add a layer of warmth while maintaining the structure of an elegant dress. If anything, you could also fight the frigid wind with a layered bridal dress. Regardless of the day’s weather forecast, layers of material under a flowing dress will keep you warm!

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Wearing a long-sleeve dress will not only add warmth to your day but a look of grace. We all remember that classic long-sleeved Alexander McQueen gown Kate Middleton wore when she married Prince William! If sleeves aren’t really your thing, many winter wedding dresses offer removable sleeves for pictures and when the dance floor heats up!

Longer Wedding Gowns

A winter wedding gives visions of elaborate gowns and full skirts. The chilly weather in Canada calls for added warmth of layered tights. With a long dress, your secret will be safe from hawk-eye wedding guests and formal pictures.

Wedding Dress Colours

In today’s world, the colour of the wedding dress reflects the bride’s personality as opposed to the traditional expectation of white. Hues of light blue and lavender, blush, and creams may add a pop of colour against the wintry white background.

Winter Bridal Accessories

Winter weather can be unpredictable in Canada so being prepared for anything on your big day is key. Winter bridal accessories can add warmth without taking away from the romance. Complement your dress with a stylish scarf or a chic stole. If it’s a personality statement you want, wearing a sequined sweater or a leather jacket may just be the ticket! Don’t forget about gloves for the “in-between-times”!

Where to Find Affordable Winter Wedding Dresses in Canada

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