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A Bridal Guide for Winter Wedding Dress Shopping

If you are envisioning the perfect winter wedding dress, style and comfort don’t have to take a backseat just because the weather is colder. Winter weddings offer glamour and romance with whimsical backdrops.

What Should Brides Consider when Shopping for a Winter Wedding?

Shopping for a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of making wedding preparations. A winter bridal gown should reflect the bride’s vision while providing comfort and warmth on what may be a bone-chilling day. Thanks to the creativity of wedding gown designers, brides can become the stunning princess or sexy vixen they wish, without compromising on warmth and comfort.

Wedding Dress Fabrics and Colours

Winter wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles and designs to accommodate all brides’ tastes and desires while keeping warm. Comfort doesn’t have to diminish beauty as thick lace or satin fabric can be used. For more warmth, velvet, gabardine, and silk mikado keep the frost air away. Deep rich reds, cool silver, pure ivory, and ice blue accents can add a pop to a dreamy winter wonderland.

Body Coverage

Sweater weather brings temperatures cold enough that might require you to layer up. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing when it comes to winter wedding dresses. For a combination of comfort and warmth, you can provide body coverage with gloves, a full skirt, and mesh fabrics that give the allusion of bare skin.

Bigger Dresses

The cold winter months call for extra layers such as those found with bigger wedding gowns full of tulle or organza. Full voluminous skirting provides warmth and can hide any extra layers of tights or leggings. Dresses to wear to a winter wedding include puffy dresses, ball gowns, and princess bridal gowns.

Bridal Accessories and Embellishments

Hair Pins and Hair Combs Collection

Winter offers the perfect conditions to add a multitude of accessories and embellishments to the bridal gown. Exemplify an ice queen with the use of crystal drop-earrings and a high tiara or invoke the pure elegance of Grace Kelly with elbow-length gloves and strings of pearls.

Opting for a Second Dress

Brides may choose to have two winter wedding gowns to separate the ceremony from the reception. A bride may wish to have a layered elaborate gown for the ceremony while opting for a lighter and sexier strapless dress for the reception and dance.

Warm and Stylish Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

While June was once considered the wedding month, more brides are choosing to tie the knot during the colder months of winter. Whether a Christmas winter wonderland is the plan or a Valentine’s Day wedding vibe is in the cards, there are endless wedding gown options to choose from.

A-Line Winter Wedding Dresses

An A-line winter wedding dress appeals to every shape and size while providing extra layers under the skirting portion if need be. Comfort and beauty are the two main features of this style of bridal gown.

Ball Wedding Gown

One of the best advantages of getting married in the wintertime is having the option to wear a full-skirt ball gown. The traditional bridal look gives added layers of warmth against the chilly air. Brides can also wear a thick pair of tights underneath when taking outdoor photos to avoid the nip of Jack Frost.

Casual Bridal Dress with a Cozy Coat

Wedding dress designers understand the need for warmth without compromising on style when it comes to designing winter wedding dresses. A casual wedding is the perfect opportunity for a cozy but sophisticated coat. A bridal coat provides comfort for winter wedding photos and outside activities while acting as a stylish accessory.

Bridal Dresses with Long Sleeves

long Sleeve Bridal Dress

Canadian winters do not provide the same climate as sunny destination weddings. Here, a winter wedding can call for more dress material in terms of three-quarter length to long-sleeves to help maintain heat during the day. For a touch of elegance, consider lace or a sheer material along the arms to enhance the romantic style.

Cozy Winter Bridal Gowns with Fur and Capes

Resemble royalty with a cozy winter bridal gown with a fur and cape ensemble. The cold temperatures are no match for a full-length bridal gown with a fur-lined cape, possibly with an attachment hood. For a bolder statement, choose a bright coloured cape and gown.

Blush Tone Bridal Gowns

White is no longer the choice for first-time brides, and when it comes to winter weddings, blush tones are becoming popular options. Blush tones can complement any skin tone against a blanket of white snow. Furthermore, blush offers a hint of romance, elegance, and grace, all of which should be highlighted on a bride’s special day.

Wedding Dress Cover ups on Sleeveless Gowns

A wedding dress should reflect the personality and style of the bride. That being said, there is no reason why a sleeveless dress should be shunned for a winter wedding. If the desired gown does not have a viable cover up attached, there are specific cover ups to consider.

Wedding Dress Cover Ups & Wrap Ideas for Winter Weddings

winter wedding dress

A wedding dress cover up is the perfect accessory for winter brides. Use a wrap for the bodice or as a full-length embellishment to complement the wedding gown. There are many bridal cover ups options to choose from, just like there are plenty of wedding dress options.

Bridal Cape and Capelet

Winter wedding dress cover ups have been gaining popularity since the start of the famous Game of Thrones series. A bridal cape length depends on the style of the dress and can be worn in place of a wedding train. For a mysterious look without the long attachment, a caplet provides the same comfort, just with a shorter style. Both the cape and the caplet are offered in materials of velvet, faux fur, and lace.

Stylish Leather & Denim Jackets

With more casual winter wedding dresses, warmth can be added to a sleeveless or light fabric dress with a stylish leather jacket. Leather is the choice of many wedding designers for the different colour selections and ability to be creative with embroidered quotes and wording. Opt for a faded or coloured jean jacket for those walks or drives to the reception or wedding photo location.

Faux Fur and Wool Cover Up

Winters can bring subzero temperatures and gusty wind chills. The weather forecast on the wedding day cannot be changed but a faux fur or wool cover up will keep the beaming bride warm. Looking like a snow queen, the bride can choose from a variety of colours, including white, to add a touch of royalty to the intimate or large wedding ceremony.

Wedding Dress Topper

One wedding trend is the wedding dress topper, or to those not familiar, an over-the-dress shirt. Whether to be worn throughout the day or as an extra layer for outside wedding duties, the dress topper can be sheer, tulle, lace, or beaded. The ideal style and design should provide a glimpse at the bodice of the gown.

Stole and Shawl

If your wedding gown features hand embroidery or delicate beading throughout the bodice, consider using a luxurious stole for added warmth. Popular fur stoles help take the chill off with strapless winter bridal dresses. For a lighter layer of elegance, a lace or silk shawl can make a confident statement.

Bombers Jackets

Usually assigned for Saturday nights out, the bomber jacket can add a touch of whimsy to any wedding gown. The cropped length with ribbed waistband gives a loose fit to the arms and shoulders as the cuffs narrow into a tailored look. Take advantage of the material to embroider vow quotes or your newly taken name.

Cardigan & Winter Coats

To add a layer of warmth, or for outside wedding photos, a designer cardigan could be considered. For cooler temperatures, winter coats from mid-length to full-length provide fullness to the skirt while keeping the blushing bride from turning blue.

Shrug and Bolero

For a modest layer, consider wearing a shrug before, during, or after the ceremony. With the hemline hanging just below the arms, a shrug provides a humble addition to any wedding dress. If embellishments are more accommodating to the style of the gown, a bolero can be used as an accessory. A bolero tends to fall a bit longer than a shrug.

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