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How to Choose a Wedding Dress Neckline Based on Your Body Type

Most brides have a clear idea of the style of wedding dress they want—but finding the perfect neckline can be a bit of a challenge. The neckline can either accentuate your figure or can cause major bridezilla moments. Or worse—a wardrobe malfunction!

Choosing the right wedding gown can be made simple when equipped with a few fashion tips. In the end, every bride should feel special and comfortable in the wedding dress they choose. It is important to try on various styles and designs that can help complement your body shape.

It’s worth noting that scoop necklines and illusion necklines suit all body types. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, here are some suggestions based on your body type.

Small Chested Brides

For those women with smaller bustlines, the t-shirt or jewel neckline provides an illusion of a larger chest. Its rounded shape lays just above the collarbone, focusing on the bridal neckline. Consider the Sabrina or Bateau curve to enhance the collarbone, thereby bringing the eyes to the upper portion of the neck. You can also consider the regular clothing necklines of the cowl, crew, and turtleneck design.

Bustier or Curvy Brides

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Women blessed, or cursed depending on their own view, to have a large bust may want to choose dress necklines that separate the area between the breast line and the chin. This may be accomplished with a V-neck or sweetheart design. Brides who may want to tactfully use their curvy silhouette may want to choose the off-the-shoulder wedding gown neckline. This style beautifully highlights the shoulders and collarbone areas.

Broad Shouldered Brides

The best bridal dress necklines for broad shoulders can be found with a halter or a high neck styled gown. This design sees the neck eloquently wrapped, unlike the neckline of the straight-across style which is also good for broad shoulders. A tight-fitting high neck such as the turtleneck should be avoided as this style often gives a boxy appearance to the already broad shoulders. Other wedding gown necklines that may help to narrow broad shoulders are the scoop, asymmetrical, and the V-neck styles.

Narrow Shouldered Brides

To enhance the upper portion of the body, consider an asymmetrical design that draws the eye diagonally. This can give the illusion of wider shoulders. A similar emphasizes can be found with the scoop neckline or the square neckline design to give the impression of broader shoulders. Choosing to pair one of these necklines with a puffy sleeve at the shoulder can also widen the narrow shoulders.

Hourglass Figure

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A common feature among broad and narrow shouldered brides is the gift of having an hourglass figure. Since the 1950s, this body shape has been accentuated by brides using the scoop, V-neck, and sweetheart neckline designs. To visually minimize the waist even more, try an off-the-shoulder neckline or a deep V-neck.  

Pear Shaped Brides

If you have a pear-shaped body, choose a neckline that can help widen the shoulders by exposing the collarbone. These brides may prefer a scoop or asymmetrical neckline for a more comfortable fit in comparison to a sweetheart neckline. A wedding dress with an embroidered or embellished neckline can also complement the pear-shaped figure. For a more conservative look, a cowl neckline can provide an elongated silhouette without too much skin exposure.

Inverted Triangle Shaped Brides

For those women with an inverted triangle shaped body, it is important to pick a neckline that flatters the smaller chest while downplaying the broader shoulders. A sweetheart or U-neck design helps to place the focus on the centre of the body as opposed to the wider top portion. This is the perfect outline for that marvelous deep V-neckline dress. To avoid an unbalanced silhouette, it may be best to not choose a halter, strapless, or an off-the-shoulder design.

Column/Rectangle Shapes

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The column and rectangle shaped bodies have several parallels in common. The hips and shoulder measurements of both are usually the same as the bodice measurement. Due to the narrow shoulders and small bustline, it is important to have a vertical neckline. Choose a V-neck, illusion sweetheart, or an off-the-shoulder design. Try to avoid high necklines or choker-style dresses as they can narrow the thin column shaped body.

Fuller Arms and Collarbones

Brides with prominent collarbones or those with fuller arms may want to try wedding dresses with a portrait neckline. This line from one shoulder to the other offers a graceful visual for the upper body. Off-the-shoulder gowns can also be a great choice, even if the bride is self-conscious of her larger arms. A sheer or lace wrap or wedding gown jacket can help with this concern.

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In the end, there are so many necklines to choose from—it all depends on your vision and comfort level. After all, it’s your day. You should look and feel your best!

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