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Flaunt Your Curves in Style: Corset Wedding Dresses That Accentuate Your Figure

Corset wedding dresses are the perfect choice for any bride who wants to accentuate her curves on her special day. With various styles, designs, and options for in-built corset wedding dresses, there is the right wedding dress for everyone!

Benefits of Corset Bridal Wedding Dresses

There are five main benefits to wearing a corset wedding dress that meet the expectations of even the most scrutinizing bride.

Flattering silhouette

Femininity, elegance, and romance are three words that describe a corset wedding dress. The design of a corset gown is to emphasize the curves of a bride, regardless of her stature. Corset wedding dresses for a large bust, small bust, large waist, or small waist enhance the bride’s natural beauty.

Comfortable fit

Despite the appearance of a corset dress, this style is one of the more comfortable gowns a bride can wear on her wedding day. The fitted bodice can be adjusted for the right upper support while allowing the bride to move without restrictions.

Versatile style

Corset wedding dresses are available in a wide range of materials and styles, suitable for the special look a bride wants on her big day. From A-line to ballgown designs, there is a corset dress for any bride.

Customizable embellishments

Brides can create the vision they have of their special day with customized embellishments added to a corset dress. Coloured ribbon or strings for the back ties, beads, embroidery, or even a lace insert can enhance her perfect dress.

Timeless elegance

A corset wedding dress has long been a popular choice of many brides for its timeless elegance that expresses romance and femininity.

How to Choose the Right Corset Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Corset bridal dresses can be worn by all body shapes and sizes. The key is to find the right dress based on your body type.


What better way to appreciate an hourglass figure than with a corset wedding dress?! Choose one with a mermaid or a fit-and-flare style to emphasize your curves.


Some wedding experts believe the corset style gown was made for those with a pear-shaped body type as a fit-and-flare design highlights the best features.


As an apple-shaped body tends to boast slender legs with a curvy bodice, the corset wedding dress offers a favourable silhouette.


The strapless A-line style corset dress is perfect for those athletic brides that want to highlight their arms and upper body! Corset styles with ruching features add dimension.


For petite brides, a corset wedding dress with a ballgown or A-line style form will help to elongate the body. The corset will add curves where need be!

Bridal Accessories That Complement a Corset Wedding Dress

A corset wedding gown is the perfect design to express a bride’s personality. The only thing missing is the right accessories! Detachable sleeves, overskirts, sheer wraps, jewellery, hair accents, and, of course, the shoes are essential to complete the look.


All corset-style wedding gowns can be elevated to the next level of elegance with the right veil. Lace, jewel-encrusted, or crocheted veils can be found in short, medium, and long styles.


Many brides may be given a special heirloom piece of jewellery to wear in memory of a loved one. Pearls, diamonds, or a simple sterling silver can help add a special touch in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even an anklet.

Hair accessories

As the hairstyle of the bride is just as important as the dress itself, consider using an accessory that emulates the design of the corset gown. Depending on the length of the hair, choose a dazzling headband, floral crown, tiara, hair comb, or even a gemmed hair chain.


Long or short-styled wedding dresses must have the right shoes! Choose a comfortable fitting shoe that adds the special touch to the gown while allowing the bride to dance the night away!

Jacket or shawl

For evening or cooler temperatures wedding dates, consider using a matching shawl or jacket to provide warmth while enhancing the effect of the corset dress.

How to Lace a Corset Back Bridal Gown

Begin with the bride holding the dress in place with her hands on her waistline. Lace the binding through the top two loops, keeping the ends in equal portions. Thread the right corset tie in the left side second loop and pull firmly. Repeat movement with the left corset tie. Continue down the dress beginning with the right for a consistent under-over pattern.

Once completed, tighten from the top down by placing two fingers in each row and pull out to the left and right. It is important to smooth the fabric as it is tightened. Tie the ends into a bow or tuck in the skirt to pull any slack and tie a hidden knot.

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