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The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort: Maxi Wedding Dresses for Brides

For decades, maxi wedding dresses have been worn by celebrities, all-star athletes, and world leaders. As a popular bridal gown style, the maxi dress offers a wealth of designs, shapes, and cuts that will help any size brides realize their dreams on their very special day.

Different Maxi Wedding Dress Styles and Silhouettes

Comfortable wedding dresses? It is possible with a maxi-styled gown. With this design, materials should be light, airy, and float such as chiffon, organza, and georgette. The maxi free-flowing style is a timeless classic that can be used for various styles of wedding dresses.

A-Line Maxi Dress 

Designed for any body type, the A-line maxi dress offers all brides the ability to highlight a fitted bodice while creating a wider silhouette at the waistline.

Sheath Maxi Dress 

While a sheath wedding dress typically offers a fitted silhouette to the waist before falling straight to the knee, a sheath maxi dress extends to the floor. This style dress can only be described as “sophistication meets curves.”

Mermaid Maxi Dress 

The mermaid maxi dress is distinctly in a class of its own as the entire silhouette snuggly hugs the bride from the chest down to the mid-thighs or knees. From there, the maxi dress flares out and downward offering a “mermaid tail”.

Ball Gown Maxi Dress

Cinderella may come to mind when seeing the ball gown maxi wedding dress. A formal attire-styled dress, this gown can cinch at the waist with the skirt flowing outward to the floor.

Empire Waist Maxi Dress 

Known as an Empire silhouette, the Empire waist maxi dress helps to accentuate a bride’s curves by having the bodice sit below the bust. The maxi dress flows freely below, giving a loose fit that slides alongside the body.

Wrap Maxi Dress 

For a flattering V-neck, the wrap maxi wedding dress offers an adjustable fit for brides of any stature. This style can be customized to suit the shape and preference of the bride while providing a secured closure.

Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Halter neck maxi dresses offer a spotlight on the shoulders while elongating the neck as the material reaches around the back of the neck. This style can be seen with crisscrossed straps or with a layer of material covering the front from the chest up to the top of the neck.

Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

As a popular summer bridal dress, the off-shoulder maxi dress offers a flattering neckline for brides who love to flaunt their confidence (and their shoulders). This dress does have straps or sleeves that form inline with the neckline of the dress.

One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

For a sophisticated sexy look, a bride may prefer to have a one-shoulder maxi dress for an asymmetrical style. With the opposite shoulder highlighted by a strap or complete sleeve, this style of gown is designed for all brides, particularly those with broad shoulders.

Bohemian Maxi Dress

Simple but elegant can be used to describe a Bohemian maxi wedding dress. With long flowing skirt lines and a pleasant top, these dresses scream “sultry”. Boho dresses often use lace, crochet, linen, or rattan for the finished look.

Lace Maxi Dress

Lace is the embodiment of romance and femininity, especially when combined with a maxi wedding dress. A full lace overlay or as patterns and embellishments takes the maxi style to a new level of sophistication.

How to Style a Maxi Wedding Dress

While a stunning maxi wedding dress speaks volumes, it doesn’t hurt to have the right accessories for that perfect look!

  • Veil or Headpiece: For maximum effect, consider using a veil or headpiece that matches the style and design of the maxi wedding dress.
  • Jewellery: Accessorize your maxi-styled dress with an heirloom or new necklace, refined earrings, and/or an elegant bracelet to offset shorter sleeves.
  • Belt or Sash: As the maxi dress offers a high waist, a bride can accentuate her figure by adding an embellished belt or sash to sit just below the chest.
  • Hairstyle: While stylists recommend keeping long hair down with a maxi dress, the hairstyle should highlight your facial features and neckline of the wedding dress.
  • Makeup: This is where brides can be creative depending on the style of the maxi dress. Light or matte makeup helps a bride feel fresh. Be sure to add a pop of colour on the lips!

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