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What Should You Wear when Wedding Dress Shopping?

Wondering what to wear when wedding dress shopping? We have the answer(s)! This is a momentous occasion for any bride, so the day must go off without a hitch!

Wedding dress shopping can be a long process. You will want to be sure to have the appropriate clothing and accessories in addition to the right supportive people accompanying you!

Most brides have an ideal wedding dress pictured in their minds before hitting the wedding boutiques. The style of your dream dress has an impact on what you should wear when wedding dress shopping. That being said, there is also a high chance that you might decide to choose a completely different style to try on, so being prepared is crucial!

Here are some tips on what to wear and what not to wear when wedding dress shopping.

Do: Wear Comfortable and Easy to Change Clothes

The key to a successful bridal dress shopping day is to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to change in and out of. Chances are that you will be trying on several dresses. Having clothes that are light and easy to remove will prevent you from becoming frustrated and overheated.

Do: Wear Appropriate Undergarments

We all know wearing our favourite, lucky, or sexy undergarments can put a spring in our step and give us the confidence to go about our day. This is not the day for that. During this day, you will be trying on dresses with the assistance of bridal consultants and other staff. The proper undergarment will also help to have a proper fit of the dress around the waist, hips, and butt.

Do: Wear Heels or Dress Shoes

The closer the style to the style and size of the ones you plan to wear on your big day, the better. It is imperative you have the same heel height you plan to wear on the wedding day. This will help to gauge the length of the dress to prevent tripping. If you already have your shoes, bring them along to try on with every dress.

Do: Wear Minimal Makeup

If you are a person who hates to leave the house without makeup, by all means, wear makeup but use a minimal amount. Makeup can make a difference in how one feels about themselves, and wedding dress shopping is a special time. Remember trying on dresses can cause makeup to smear and you certainly don’t want to get makeup on the dress.

Do: Wear a Hair Band and Clips

Picturing your dream bridal gown more than likely has had you mentally plan your hair style for the big day. Bring along a hair band or clips to position your hair in the desired style for a comparison to the style of the dress. Brides with long hair may want to tie the hair up while trying on different dresses.

Don’t: Wear a Bodysuit or Heavy Shapewear

Recent years have seen bodysuits become the staple of anyone’s wardrobe. These full and partial body shaping garments often smooth out any rolls and pudges we may have. For your wedding dress shopping trip, it is best to not wear bodysuits for more accurate visualization of the dress. Different bridal gown styles can expose the garnet so it’s best to wait until after you purchase your dress to wear the appropriate style of bodysuit. 

Don’t: Wear a Corset

Like a bodysuit, a corset helps to sculpt and shape the torso. Trying on wedding dresses while wearing a corset will only limit the type of style to choose from. Many bridal gowns have built-in corsets or have the back exposed, leaving little room and imagination with a corset.

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