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2023 Beach Bridal Wedding Dress Trends

Are you planning a fabulous beach wedding? Deciding on a style for your beach wedding dress doesn’t need to be time-consuming or overwhelming. More and more designers are recognizing the exotic draw of destination weddings and producing bridal gowns that accommodate the hot climate.

How to Choose a Bridal Dress for a Beach Wedding

There are many recommendations on what type of bridal dress for a beach wedding is suitable. The ultimate guide is the design, style, cut, colour, fabric, and fit that pleases the bride. A destination or beach wedding allows a bit more freedom in choice than a traditional church or garden ceremony.

Choose a Fabric Suitable for a Warmer Climate

Remember where the ceremony will be taking place when choosing the fabric of the wedding dress. Warmer climates can cause overheating and sweating, neither of which is a good look for the bride. Consider a style with cotton, taffeta, organza, crepe, and tulle to stay cool along the seaside.

Avoid Long Sleeve Bridal Dresses

It may be obvious, but it must be stated that a wedding dress for a beach wedding should have short or no sleeves. Destination and beach ceremonies are planned for the glorious warm weather provided by the environment. Embrace the heat with bare arms.

Using a Long Veil Is a Bad Idea

One of the less talked about features of a beach wedding is the potential for a breeze off the ocean. A windy day can wreak havoc with a long veil that is intended to create a certain look to the attire. Add in flying sand particles and the veil could become more of a deterrent than a beautiful accessory.

Avoid Buying a Bridal Gown with Long Train

When shopping for a wedding dress, consider the environment of a beach ceremony, namely the land of sand. Having a long train attached to a gown can gather sand, sticks, and other beach debris even with a carpet laid on the ground. If a train is part of your dream dress, choose a shorter one that doesn’t distract from the day.

Buy an Extra Wedding Dress for the Reception

As a beach wedding can involve long gowns collecting sand or fun pictures jumping in the waves, a second outfit for after the ceremony is recommended. Keep to the theme of sand and sun with a light airy dress that is comfortable and easy to dance the night away in.

Avoid Heavy Accessories

One advantage of a beach ceremony is the fact that there is no need for heavy accessories. Regardless of the type or style of wedding dress chosen, a beach bride only needs the minimum to glamourize a dress. Small pieces of jewellery, a clutch, a headscarf, or a hair clip will complement the beach theme.

Beach Wedding Dress Ideas for Brides

A beach wedding is a unique and fun ceremony offering the couple and guests the opportunity to enjoy sophistication with a touch of casual dress. The bride has a wide selection of choices such as mermaid, slip dresses, A-line, and empire-waist gowns.

Wedding Gowns with High Leg Slits

Don’t run from the idea of a high leg slit in a wedding gown. Whether the wedding dress style is a slim, curvy fitting cut or an elaborate ankle-length gown, a slit offers a mysterious but sexy look. The length of the opening is a matter of preference for the bride.

Off-the-Shoulder Bridal Gowns

Bridal gowns with an off-the-shoulder design often elicits romance and flirtatious feelings. Seen on various styles and designs of wedding dresses and gowns, this type of neckline flatters any silhouette. It brings the focus to the bodice and decolletage for a stunning transformation.

Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

Casual beach bridal attire depends on the personal choice and level of expression by the bride. Beach weddings can include dresses, pantsuits, and even bridal short sets. The clothing does not express the love between the couple and that’s why every wedding dress from ball gowns to jumpsuits are acceptable at a beach wedding.

Mermaid Style Bridal Dress

What better way to enhance the theme of a beach wedding than to wear a mermaid-styled bridal dress down the aisle. The bodice, hips, and waist of the gown is fitted before flaring out below the knees. Sleek and sexy are terms that are used to describe the silhouette that is on show at all times.

A-Line Wedding Dress

Beach weddings call for gowns that can be easily moved in, such as the natural shape of the A-line wedding dress. Available with various necklines, the A-line gown is snug around the hip area before flaring out as it falls down below the knees. Whether it has a simple look or is covered in embellishments, this style is known as the most flattering silhouette.

Empire Waist Wedding Dress

An empire waist wedding dress has a waistline higher than one’s natural waistline to provide a flattering appeal to brides of all shapes and sizes. The style fits the bodice and then drops to a slimmer skirt line in a tasteful way. It is a non-restrictive fit for comfort and beauty.

Sheath Style Wedding Dress

Modern brides can glow brightly in a sheath-style gown that falls straight down while showing off all the right curves. As a sheath dress is designed in an unassuming but flattering style, any bride can take advantage of the elegance for their beach wedding.

Boho Style Bridal Dress

Bohemian bridal gowns provide a whimsical feel for brides of free spirit. The Boho-style wedding dress offers adventure with a romantic minimalist design for beach weddings. Expressing the love between two people with luxury fabric or lace is the goal of these dreamy dresses.

Open Back Bridal Dress

Choose from an array of open-back bridal dresses for that perfect statement as you walk down the aisle and take your vows! A backless dress outlined with lace and/or intricate beading screams elegance and glamour.

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