Wedding dress sleeve

Unveiling the Hottest Wedding Dress Sleeve Styles to Try in 2023

A wedding dress sleeve is the perfect addition to any wedding gown. It can transform the dress into a romantic, traditional, modern, or even a boho-styled dream. A sleeve can be used to express the bride’s personality, maintain modesty, or even bring the drama!

This year’s trends in bridal dress sleeves involve several unique and distinct styles that can be used depending on the theme, location, venue, and weather conditions of the wedding. Here are some trends to consider.

Puff Sleeves

Bridal dresses with the puff sleeves are reminiscent of the clothing styles seen in the 1980s. To complement wedding themes of vintage, chic, and romantic, the ballooned sleeve can be seen in sizes ranging from small to over-the-top big puffs of material.

Bell Sleeves

Sleeve styles change with the season, but the bell sleeve is a classic design that originated in the 1970s. It is a full sleeve with a snug fit along the arm before flaring out at the wrist. The end of the sleeve adds a dramatic flair in a ruffle shape to add glamour to the attire.

Bishop or Long Sleeves

Not to be confused with the bell design, the Bishop sleeve gives a similar taste of poise but with material flowing along the arm before being neatly cuffed at the wrist. Resembling the sleeve of the religious representation of a Catholic Bishop, this style is perfect for chic or full wedding dresses.

Detachable Sleeves

Detachable sleeves are a must for the bride who may want to transform the look and comfort of the dress from ceremony to reception. Designed with silk, lace, or tulle, these sleeves can provide a complementing coverup for cool temperatures or for modesty without compromising on the overall theme of the dress. 

Sheer Sleeves

Brides may want to consider having a sheer sleeved dress if they are not fully comfortable with the appearance of their arms. In terms of style, the sheer material offers a modern romantic touch to a classic or traditional dress.

Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

A timeless classic and sultry style of wedding dress involves off-the-shoulder sleeves. The possibilities are endless whether the design of the dress offers a tight snug fit to the arm just below the shoulder or presents as a puff of tulle spread across the neckline to the arms.

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