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Why Buy Preowned When You Can Get a New Wedding Dress for a Lower Price?

If you are considering shopping for a preowned wedding dress, there are significant points to keep in mind. Used bridal gowns may be an attractive option for brides wanting to save money, but settling for a second-hand wedding dress may not be the only way to save money. With a pop-up wedding dress sales event, brides can have their (wedding) cake and eat it too!

Disadvantages of Buying a Preowned Bridal Wedding Dress


A wedding dress should be in pristine condition with no rips, stains, or loose threads hanging about. A second-hand bridal gown may have been worn once if not two or three times. Any wedding gown with beading, gems, or lace accents may be lacking intricate details in the design.


Finding the appropriate size with second-hand bridal dresses is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. Most of these dresses have been altered to accommodate the original owner’s body and shape.

Alteration Costs

If a bride does find a suitable wedding dress at a local second-hand shop, it will most likely need considerable alterations. Proper alterations can increase the budget not to mention be time-consuming.

Limited Dress Options

As many brides tend to keep and store their wedding gowns for sentimental reasons or in the hopes of handing it down to their future daughters, the selection can be limited. Second-hand wedding dress shops may have more options than regular consignment stores but can only offer the luck of the draw to find THE one.

Personal Preference

Hand-me-down wedding dresses are one thing as they emboss deep love, appreciation, and respect for the older family member. A preowned wedding dress from a shop has no magical or wistful attachment and can cause a bride to feel uncomfortable wearing a stranger’s dress.


Looking in countless consignment or second-hand wedding dress shops can be time-consuming. For most brides time isn’t always on their side when searching for wedding dresses for sale as the weeks turn into months in the blink of an eye.

Outdated Dresses

Every bride has the ideal gown in mind when shopping for a wedding dress. Restricting yourself to second-hand gowns may result in deep disappointment as there may be little to no options for trendy or popular designer dresses.

Solution: Get Affordable Wedding Dresses from a Pop-up Bridal Sales Event Near You

Opportunity Bridal is a travelling wedding dress boutique that brings brand-new designer bridal gowns including plus size wedding dresses to Canadians across the country. Click here to see when we will be in your neighbourhood.

Benefits of Shopping at Opportunity Bridal’s Pop-up Wedding Dress Sale Events

  • Over 600+ new designer wedding dresses for all events
  • 50% to 80% off on all designer wedding dresses
  • Large selection of plus size wedding dresses
  • Affordable wedding dresses
  • Numerous large changing rooms at each event
  • Try the dress on before purchasing to avoid fitting issues
  • Opportunity to purchase matching bridal accessories
  • FREE entry
  • No appointment required
  • Take your wedding dress home on the same day
  • Multiple payment options available (Cash, Debit / Interac, Visa, and MasterCard)

Get Extra Benefits with an Early Access VIP Ticket            

While our Opportunity Bridal one-day sales events are free admission, purchasing an Early Access VIP Ticket for $40 CDN offers special benefits and discounts.

  • Guaranteed admission
  • Don’t have to stand in line
  • Guaranteed a change room
  • Ticket is good for the whole party up to a group of five people
  • $40 ticket value can be used as a credit towards the price of wedding dress
  • Early Access VIP ticket value is refundable up to seven days before the event

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